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Seventh Hand Farm is a micro farm that grows on an acre of land in Fayette County, TN. It started when floral designer Karin Woodward needed more unusual material, curly stems, wild greens, and local product than the normal import market was providing. It's been a wild 8 years full of hard lessons and dreams realized. Follow our story on Instagram @seventhhandfarm

Karin Woodward runs Seventh Hand Farm with the help of her husband and their son. The name of our farm started with the three of us working hard with our six hands, but often there is an unseen “seventh hand” that reaches out to help us at the most pivotal moments. “The Seventh Hand” became our nickname for this occurrence. This hand comes in many forms, from the “hand of guidance” and advice, the physical “helping hand” of family, neighbor, or friend, to the omnipresent “spiritual hand” in timing. The number 7 is a part of everything we do.
Our life philosophy is simple: Farm and live with as much positive impact as possible on the ecosystem. Build compost from waste, build soil, and build healthy relationships with all of the creatures that share our habitat. No pesticide, no herbicide and yes to beneficial insects and pollinator feeding. Yes to restoring a balance in our daily lives and an appreciation for nature.

Karin Woodward also creates many works of art with the farm flowers. Most of the photos on this website are from such collaborations with photographer Annabella Brandon of Annabella Charles Photography.

Seventh Hand Farm is closed to the public. We deliver direct to a wholesaler who locally distributes our product. SHF does its best to source as much product for classes and workshops from our own farm or other local growers.

Flowers are a gift to the senses.
We strive to move forward mindfully and with compassion and be an example of unconventional suburban living with nature. Plant early and plant often! 

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